1. Eggshells
  2. What Good
  3. Wait and See
  4. Can You Hear Me
  5. Nothing But the Blues
  6. Forever or Tomorrow
  7. Straight Jacket
  8. Rainy Day
  9. So Gone
  10. Let You Go
  11. Someone Who Will
  12. Coming Undone
  13. Patient Enough
  14. Someone Like Me


The first album project of all-original material from Lacey and her band, Red Rhapsody, was recorded in 2005 while Lacey and the guys were still in school at Fort Lewis College.  All lyrics and music by Lacey Black, except for “So Gone,” which was composed by James Macklin and words by Lacey Black.  Our hard-copy CDs are out-of-print, but this album is available exclusively by digital download!

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